camp in the past

This camp has existed for 5 years already and it was mainly for youth from the Croatian and Balkan region to have a fun filled vacation. It has always been a place for young bboys to come and have fun at summer time. With this camp we gave a chance to youth who couldn’t afford to have a vacation at the coast. The Main organizers of this Camp was Perfect Circle, who are working in the field of development, creating chances for children and youth with fewer opportunities and lower social status.

As the years progressed, the idea evolved to offer this camp on a more international scale, and therefore an increasing number of individuals and organizations started to collaborate. Today there are 3 organizations with the same vision and thus the Youth Hip Hop Camp came out.

youth hip hop camp

Located on a beautiful part of the Croatian coast which is surrounded by nature, sun and sea, the Youth Hip Hop Camp is a social project in which we want to offer to bboy youth an almost no budgetsummer vacation filled with as much activities and healthy way of life as possible. This is the place where youth can spend 24 hours in a day in fresh Mediterranean air having fun, learning, practicing, socializing and meeting new friends.

With the camping site which is in the middle of big Solaris Camping and Hotel facility, we have all the infrastructure needed to provide a great summer experience for young people. Combining our capacities together, has resulted in this opportunity that we are fortunate to share with everybody.